Of Grindr ... and Stalking

Lately, I've decided to put up my profile photo on Grindr. It turns out I've got some 'market' too. I guess although I'm not really gorgeous looking, I'm not as bad as I thought too. At least people are still willing to start a chat with me.

Also lately, when I'm browsing on Grindr, there's this one guy that really got my attention. Decent looking (that's how I and probably most of us 'browse' anyway). But what got my attention the most is his 'About'. I've never encountered another person who describes himself in a way so alike to me.

After stalking observing him for some time, one fine day I went on searching for things about him on the Internet. It's not that hard to look for things about him with the online information gathering skills that I'm kinda proud of. Plus, the name he puts there is kinda uncommon. Within a couple of minutes, I get to know his full name, where he works and has worked at, his blog etc. I know it's kinda creepy that I'm able to get to know so much about him (like those pervert middle-aged stalkers) but well I guess stalking online is socially acceptable, right? After all, we all do that on Facebook all the time (actually I don't).

So back to this guy, I wanted to know him but I think again and it's probably better to train myself to be more confident talking to others first.

I'm probably overly careful but I guess it's because I'm really concerned to make sure I do well. Also, I want to observe myself to make sure it won't be like last time, and I really want to affirm my feelings and thought before making a move.


So do you stalk on Grindr like I do? =P



  1. Pretty sure I'd so the same! :) Take your time to get to know him before you meet.

  2. wow!!! teach me the art, master lol :P

  3. its called bizarre !!!!!! loooooooollll!! hahahaha

  4. @savante Yeah, I think that's the very least I should do.

    @akaMike The art of stalking? No, it's the Way of Stalking. =P

    @tuls: Eh? Bizarre?? I'm not sure which part are you referring to...?

  5. well... i'm about the same as you... :) soo.... you know... just a hi or common chat won't do no harm. :) just becareful of those looking for ons.

  6. @Danny yeah that's for sure. =)

    @lannes Grindr is a popular location-based mobile app for gay people mostly. You can browse the user profiles near you and chat with them etc. Basically a gay dating site in the form of a mobile app. Available on iOS and Android. (wow I sound like an advertisement)

  7. jack'd and boyahoy has better interface ^^ but they work the same

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

    1. I tried Jack'd. But are there many gay guys there? I think Grindr still has the largest user base in Malaysia.