"Rouge Confidant"

EDIT: Corrected translation of '红粉' as 'rouge'.

In modern Chinese vocabulary, there's a type of friend that is categorised as '红粉知己', literary means pink rouge confidant. The colour pink word rouge here refers to female. In a straight context, this phrase can mean the woman in a man's extra marital affair or a man's secret lover other than his girlfriend. But in a gay context, this phrase means a trusted female friend whom one can confides anything in.

I think my coming out to a handful of friends has earned me such a friend. She's sensible and rational. She's always ready to give good advices—even if she doesn't have them, she has resources to consult to and in turn forwards the advices to me.

At first, I only talked to her on matters regarding my sexuality, because at that time I was only out to her. But slowly I started to talk about my career, my ambitions etc. and now practically anything when I need opinion on.

I do not have many friends that I can talk to. So when I'm having a hard time, I try my best to get through it. If I really need someone to talk to, I would chat with her. Like the other day, we talked about my career. She told me not to make decisions recklessly.

roti: Okok, promise you I'll think over even if I get an offer tomorrow. You'll be made known about it too.

pink: LOL, knowing u, u'd probably hop on a plane and settle down there, then baru tell me

(I thought that was really true considering my track record to her. I only told her about something happened to me after I have made a decision)

roti: Haha. I'll try not to haha

pink: omg it's 2.40 am. Could you please just sleep already????

roti: Yeah, go to sleep woman.

pink: u've got a haywired bio clock

roti: Damn true

pink: yeah yeah good night gay man

roti: good night woman :)

I think that's a casual conversation, which rarely happens on me. I can hardly put up a casual conversation like this with others.

While I may not be successful in looking for my significant other, I think at least there's someone I can talk to when I need some sense of acknowledgement. I'd say I'm pretty lucky already.


Do you have such a friend? Male or female?



  1. i like u already .....esp based on ur comment on bedtime stories

  2. @ooi2009: Thank you. =)

    @L²: yeah in other words, it's female bff =)