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rotiboy's Back

After deserting my blog for some time in order to help myself getting over him, I think I'm finally not clinging over the past any more. So here I am, back to write again.

This could be a delusion of mine, I don't know how but somehow I've come to the conclusion that a relationship that I appreciate, when it's written out before it gets stable, won't end up well. It could be because by writing it out here, I would start to put some kind of expectation and things always tend to go extra bumpy for me when there's too much expectation.

All of this delusion of mine reminds me of the wuwei theory of Taoism. I have not been able to understand how this concept works. So finally there's something I can put into practice in my real life that relates to this concept.

So how am I now? This song pretty much summarises it all.