28 Things to Make You a Better Gay Man

I found them from the Internet but I lost the source. =( Let me know if you happen to know the source so I can link back.

They are in Chinese but I've translated them into English. Corrections are welcome. =)

Although I don't agree with some of them and some others only apply in certain cases, I think many are meaningful and full of wisdom. Take whatever that applies to and works for you. =)

EDIT: The list is pretty long so click the Read More link to read it.

1. Safety first, health second, pleasure third.

2. Do not abandon your family, even if they abandon you.

3. Look for a suitable boyfriend, not the best boyfriend.

4. Society's opinion will never hurt you, except when you agree on the opinion.

5. Do not agree on an opinion just because everyone does. Even if you do not have an opinion, keeping quiet is better than going along with the crowd.

6. Do not get interested in others' personal affairs. There are many other more meaningful entertainment in life.

7. Be resilient and tolerant. Life is not about acting out of pique.

8. Do not consider the married ones, the attached ones and those that come too easily. With that you can minimise the chances of being hurt. If you can't hold yourself from them, then be prepared to be hurt!

9. Good appearance is not a merit. A merit must fulfil either of the two conditions: (1) it is nurtured from hard work of oneself, or (2) it puts the bread on the table for you.

10. First priority is for your own benefit in the future, the second for others' benefit in the future, and the third for your own benefit now. Anything else can be given up. Do not get immersed in love.

11. When others say you are ugly or handsome, even though it means a lot to a gay man, you must forget about it in three days. Allowing assessment from others on you to affect you is foolish.

12. Do not enjoy watching handsome guys in public. After not watching for some time, you will find yourself not losing anything, but gaining something new.

13. Condoms are not 100% reliable, but at least they are 90% so.

14. Be righteous, truthful and kind. The more it seems the society doesn't allow these qualities, the more you should uphold them.

15、很多人come out,是因为喜欢对方。这是错的。come out和表白感情,千万不要同时进行。
15. Many people come out because they like someone. This is not right. Coming out and confession should never be done together.

16. All gay men have multiple personalities. Before confirming a relationship, get to know all his personalities.

17. Confirming a relationship does not mean the dust has settled. It means the beginning of the journey.

18. All gay men are self-centred. Do not distant yourself from a person because you think he is selfish.

19. The souls of all gay men are surprisingly similar. Therefore, befriending a few of them is enough.

20. Distant yourself from other gay men, even if you're single. Inner well-being is a lot more valuable than intimate relationships.

21. Make others understand you but not make them love you. The two different approaches of dealing with people bring you totally different results.

22. Read more but not BL novels or short stories.

23. Get a rouge confidant, talk to her about anything.

24. Get an online buddy, talk to him about anything but never meet him.

25. Love is not the whole life. Life without a loving relationship can also be uniquely wonderful.

26. Do not get into love only because of loneliness.

27. Get a balanced diet and regular sports, and quit your bad habits. Many gay men will have to spend their old age alone, so the best thing you can invest in your life while you are young is a good health.

28. When someone holds your hand, do not let him go.


  1. @Naughty Prince: glad that you find them so =)

  2. Thank you very much for posting this! I'm reposting the list in my blog. :)

  3. @Tom: Thanks for reposting this in your blog and linking back. Hope your readers find them useful. =)

  4. Rouge confidant has to be the nicest term ever! Does it mean what I think it means? Like a fag hag?

  5. right on. Like the 27th and 28th post. Make so much difference.

  6. @savante: LOL! Unfortunately it's not like a fag hag... It means a female BFF.

    @Tempus: Yeah, I especially like the 27th in the list.