Tending the Wound

Sorry for not replying to the comments that you guys have posted, but I really have no idea what to write.

Being thrown away without knowing the reason is troubling for someone who values reasoning like me. I said I don't care, but that's only because I have no choice. If I had one, I would want to know the reason.

We've only dated for three weeks, and have not even gotten into a relationship. I know it sounds silly to say I'm hurt, but I really am. I still miss him. The only way I can keep myself from thinking about him is to keep myself occupied, with either work or dates. When I don't work, I go dating with (or rather just meeting) some other guys.

I still hold on to my principle of not having sex, so I'm just meeting the guys for coffee or dinner. So far no one clicks for me. No one makes me want to go out for the second time with him.

Every time I open up my blog, the only thing I can think of to blog about is things related to him. This makes me feel so much like what has happened to me in the past—was hurt and wrote weepy posts that no one bothers to read.

So I've decided that I won't blog again until I've fully gotten over him. Hopefully this can break the routine of opening up Blogger and starting to think about him.

Just let the time do its magic.


  1. *hugs really tight*

    u will emerge stronger after all these pains.....

  2. :) try to make some changes to your blog, layout and everything so it would be a different feel and everything... usually does the trick one.. can change url too if you want..! :) dont stress out lerrrrrr... *hugs*

  3. Take a good rest and heal what needs to be healed. Hope that you will be back better and stronger than before, very soon.

  4. I apologize that my comment came late. I apologize again for the bad experience once you decided to return to KL. No Worries...here is where you can be what you want. So just write anything. Giving you as much hugs that you could take. Take care and Be calm.

  5. Though you will be away from the electrical world for the time being.
    But I would like to wish you well.
    Do take time to cope with your emotion.
    Don't think too much.
    Change your lifestyle a bit by doing something different.
    I can't offer more, but it is fine for you to contact me.