big present

laotian gave me a big present before i left for place that will cut off all my communications for 3 months.

tamade. I was robbed.

i struggled. they cut some light wounds out of my palm and fingers, before they managed to rob away my phone. i thought that's all the wound that i got. but after getting my hand wounds treated, getting a new sim card and completing my police report and statement, i finally settled down, taking shower at home, when I realized I have a stab wound on my right chest and a cut wound on my left back.

physical wounds are not painful. but what hurts more is my heart. this society is terribly ill. crime at daylight, while helpful people are surprisingly scarce. no one came to help even i screamed so loud. only one person cared to bring me to treat my wounds when my blood was dripping as i walked, although he couldn't find an open clinic. then i walked alone to find an open one. no one bother to walk me even when i asked for the location of nearest clinic.

was robbed in Masjid Jamek and since nobody can lead me to an open clinic, i took LRT with my hand still bleeding to KLCC for the only nearest, reachable clinic I can think of, Twin Towers Medical Centre.

people were avoiding me in LRT, not wanting my blood to stain their clothes. i was terrified and was sobbing cowardly, i admit. but only a foreign lady bother to pass tissue paper to me and asked me what happened. the rest just watched my bloody hand and listened to my sobs.

i hate kl.

it's about time i leave this place, totally.

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  1. Hey roti-boy, I am sorry to hear that you had been robbed. Hmm...
    Speaking of "help", I might be coward as well if happened I got to see someone being robbed unless I have bunch of friends with me. Hope you are doing well after good rest, ok?