There is a girl I once thought I admired. I find myself too shy to confess to her face to face, so I confessed to her online. She brushed me off that time. But after some time, she made several attempts to hint me to court her. But I was too dense to understand her hints. It was until she was taken by someone else, then I realized that she has been giving hints to me. Sometimes, I wonder if I was on time to get her, I probably would not be a gay now (or probably I wouldn't become a gay so early). Anyway, my fate has decided so. There was quite some dramas between this girl and me, that we were almost somewhere but eventually not.

Then during my internship, I met a hot guy in the bus I took to and from work everyday. He wears an earring on his right ear, so I assumed he is a gay. Two months before my internship ends, I realized that it was now or never. I didn't want to regret in the future for not trying. I would rather be rejected and get over it, than be troubled by admiring someone secretly. So, I tried my luck. It wasn't a confession but rather a pick up line. I was too shy to speak it upfront, so I typed it in my phone. Anyway, he brushed me off. Knowing that I'm not "compatible" to him at all by appearance (esp. at that time) and physique, I was ready to be rejected. After that, I've never seen him in the bus anymore. I was somewhat regretful for what I have done. If I didn't take action, I could still peek at him in the bus.

Recently I confessed to a guy again. He's a junior from my uni. I started to notice him since I first met him in the uni after my internship. I didn't get to know him much until few months ago, when I started to get into contact with him via Facebook. My fond to him grew and I felt that I should confess to him. I asked a close friend. She told me not to hurry, but I didn't listen to her. I confessed to him and the response was that he already has a girlfriend. Since then, I see a lot of photos of him and his gf in my Facebook news feed. Anyway, I asked him not to let anyone else know my sexual orientation as I'm not ready to let anyone else know yet. He agreed and I trust him.

After that, I spent some time to seriously think about my sexuality issue. I have been too reckless in handling relationships. I need to think of the consequences - esp. on the high expectations from my mum. So, I decided that I will not confess recklessly anymore. I may not be able to keep my mum happy with me at all time, but at least I can keep myself from letting her down, even if that means I will have to hide my true self in front of her or anyone else (except when being anonymous in the blogosphere) for the rest of my life.

Maybe I'm thinking so because I haven't met the right person that I treasure more than anyone else. But at least for now, being a filial son is my priority.


  1. Wow...Truely Amazing. Its been a year I had "came out" but yet I still din have the guts to confess to a guy. Being cautious is important, but yet you still have to try your luck :)

  2. Haha. I don't dare to 'say' them out actually. I typed them out. It's so much more easier to type them out. lol.