lack of updates

you probably have noticed (or not) the lack of new post here.

partly due to my new gadget on hand that keeps me from having enough time to post.

another reason is because i realized i could spend my time better by developing and improving myself on my interest and future career than ranting about my sexuality and current work here.

unhappy things happen, so be it. developing for my future is much more important for me personally.

thinking more mature? no, i think i m quite (or rather 'can be') mature in thinking, it's just that i m inconsistent.

live. and be alive.

1 comment:

  1. blogging is not wasting too much time kan? haha~ well, its always better to do something more useful then ranting...

    but come on, u knw i'm gonna miss ur blog :P hehe~ jst treat blogging as a hobby / place for u to release stress lo~