My Adolescent Idol

I was playing some Christmas songs on YouTube and stumbled upon a song of a boy band that I was a fan of when I was in secondary school.

The music video and the dance are awkward and clueless but it's from about 11 years ago. (Wow. I've really become old.)

The name of the duo is called WeWe. The guy with long hair is Li Wei and the one in short hair is Lin Youwei. I was particularly a fan of Lin Youwei.

Super nostalgic. To think that someone as boring as me was once a fan of a celebrity. Anyway, I knew for a boy to be a fan of a boy band obviously marketed for girls isn't something usual. So I did not show too much fanship to them, but I secretly collected issues of entertainment magazines (that I don't normally buy nor read) with them as the cover.

Their singing wasn't impressive, neither was their dancing or any other talents in entertainment business. LOL I had to admit that I was only attracted by that pretty face of Lin Youwei.

I've put up some photos of them that I found from the Internet after the jump.

Lin Youwei:

All this while I thought Lin Youwei is no longer active in the entertainment industry. But while looking for his photos to post here, I found out that he's still an actor (but not in those Taiwanese teen idol drama anymore) and that he has got married last September.

As for Li Wei, he's more high profile as an actor. See today's Li Wei:

Well I can only say no one can stay young...

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