Working from Home

My current job requires me to work from home, SOHO style.

The thing about working from home is that, I have a hard time trying to focus on my work.

When I should be starting to work already, I usually have problem to start my engine.

And when I started working, I tend to get distracted by various things. I usually read various articles, news, watch TV show streaming, visit blogs, Facebook, and also porn.

Many think working from home is the best. That's a myth. Not everyone has the discipline to work with motivation and concentration, including me.

Ok. Time to continue my work. (Yeah I'm suppose to work now instead of blogging)


  1. Don't think I'm disciplined enough to work from home :) Much too tempted to laze around and reenact the song from Bruno Mars.

  2. oh yeah! Bruno Mars!!

    Actually me too. But since I'm already on this job, I have to work it out somehow in whatever way..