Feeling Better

After reading through some blogs, apparently I'm not the only one who have been to this - had someone who called you 'dear', 'darling' or whatever, say how he misses you, how he'd like to see you, etc., BUT cannot commit. And I guess mine is worse, because he wants to maintain an intimate relationship without being couples.

Whatever reasons he gave, he was probably true. But what is the difference between him and that Mr. J? It seems to me he is worse, but only without me labelling him as a 'player' in my mind. At the very least, Mr. J revealed that he doesn't intend to have further relationship. Mine, if he was a player, is even worse and more shameless to ask to maintain such relationship.

In a way, we are both too naive about the people in the community. Thinking that those sweet talks are indications of being committed. But I guess I'm learning fast. I withdrew myself in time. I won't believe words as such any more because as sweet as they sound, I'll never know whether the other person is true or is fishing. Maybe only time can tell. So other than waiting, I guess there's no other way. The more we push ourselves forward, the more easily we get to be played around.

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