Old-Man Thinking

At times, I feel that my thinking is overly mature and rational for someone at my age.

It seems to me my thinking is not at the same frequency as my peers, esp. gay guys around my age. Yet they seem to be more able than me to get someone to date.

Is it being mature is not a likeable quality for someone at my age? Or is it not because my maturity but how boring I am?

Yeah, I'm a boring guy and I think it's not easy to make a change on that. Actually, I don't have much intention to change that part of me. I just don't like the feeling of faking interests and excitement.

And all this while my thinking is that I'll eventually find someone that know how to appreciate my characteristic.

Just saying~


  1. just try to be yourself... someone will be interest in you for who you are, not who you faked. =) maturity isn't a bad thing (in fact alot of ppl out there is looking for matured thinking person), but sometimes being immature a little add a little spice to your life...

    personal opinion though =x

  2. haha true. which is why i m a boring person. totally agree that i should stay true.