Take a Breath

I'm finally off the project cycle. I'm now in the gap between projects where I can finally take a breath properly and rest.

My work performance has not been good lately. I need a short term change of environment for working to refresh my working mood. It's never been easy to keep up with the feeling of indolence when telecommuting.

It's always been a myth among the general public that working from home is great because the working hours are so flexible and we can save the time required to commute to work. I once thought that way too. But that's until the problem of indolence strikes me every few months. In reality, telecommuting requires a lot of self-discipline. I thought I was a disciplined person, but now I think I'm probably no longer a disciplined person. So I need external factors to push me working.

In a way, although I like my current profession, I don't think telecommuting suits me. I'm probably one of those people that has always wished to get a telecommuting job but in actual fact, not suited for it.

But since I have taken up this route, I guess there's no turning back at the moment. All I can do is to take some extra measures to make sure I do my job.

This time I'm going to try a workcation. Going to spend a week in an island and work from there. I've been there once when I was so stressed up with my office job and took a week leave for the island. It was great for me back then. I hope it still works for me this time.

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