Old Man Syndrome

My old man syndrome is acting up again. I can't find good blog post from the community that interests me.

There are a few that I've read, but I have nothing to comment about. As for the rest, I don't even bother to finish reading them - too childish or too shallow or totally out of my interest.

Worse, even reading at the comment makes me feel irritated. I'm not sure why. Those comments that I've read lately are mostly flirting, or voicing disappointment because the blogger is not single, yada yada.

I hear a voice in myself asking why can't these people give proper views on the blog post.

Nah. Whatever. People have their rights to express whatever thought as they wish.

Okay, the feeling of being irritated is probably due to the hot weather, the lack of progress and motivation in doing my work, and the news of civil activists being besieged.

Seriously, that sounds so much like old-man rants.

If this happens to ladies in 40's to 50's, it's called menopause.


  1. Hard not to get irritated these days especially with horrific news of our civil rights being trampled on bombarding us on a daily basis.

  2. haha. true but not everyone cares about these issues. Generally, gay people care more about having fun than civil issues.