I gave him his happy ending

He explained to me today.

I think he's scared of hurting himself and others, so he would rather to be a very close friend with me than be a lover. He said he will have to get married.

I started to understand all he wants is someone so close to him that he can call 'dear', that he can talk to on anything, that he can hug and that has a shoulder he can lean on, yet not a lover.

I think I understand and I agreed to be just like what we were in the past few days.

It is already hurting me for being rejected, then I have to be his closest friend, and use intimate and flirty words on each other yet not being his lover. That's probably the most cruel thing for me, but I don't know what makes me agree to him. Maybe it's love. Maybe I love him so much that I'm willing to be cruel to myself to make him happy.

Love makes people blind.

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