i think Dear is a shotacon (fetish towards young boys or young-boy looking guys).

all this while i met him while wearing shirts, and he jokingly commented that my shirt doesn't fit me, and it was 'unhot'..

today i met him in my t-shirt, with my shaved face. and when we left each other, his feedback through whatsapp to me was that he got horny at the first glance at me today. lol

i'm short, and i have a boyish face. with my height and my boyish face shaved, if i go out with t-shirt, i can easily deceive people by saying i m a form 4 student (and i did before).

i think that's probably where Dear got attracted by me today gua.. lol

i'll treat that as a compliment.. but i realize that's lust but not love. =)


  1. Lol, i bet you must be very cute and gorgeous for your dear to get horny at the first glance of you. I am also attracted to smaller built guys.. ;) Don't worry, lust will eventually turn into lasting love relationship throughout time.

    Btw, how old are you and your lovely dear?

  2. i think i m not the real cute kinda guy, because i dont get such compliments often.

    i'm 22 while Dear cares a bit more about his age so i shall not disclose here.