confession n: failed

He only said he was flattered.

If he felt the same way as I do, surely he would say so and then we will have a happily ever after.

But he replied otherwise.

Whatever reason it is, I failed yet again.

It's ok. I'm strong enough to take it. It is not that painful.

Time to walk away.


  1. Hi rotiboy

    I feel your pain.

    I confessed to two straight guys in the past. Well the first one was because I thought he was gay and I was deceived by the way he treated me. It was extremely painful for me to take and now it is suffice to say that I am traumatized by love.

    I hope you are okay.. live your life..!

  2. hey byronmc

    I'm ok. I have been through something even worse. Felt the pain for an instant, but overcame it in 1 minute. Think either it's not love, or I'm immune already.