rainy day

roti: it's raining here. and i miss u, dear.
dear: i'm in train now. waa.. first time u say something like that to me.. making me smiling alone in the train.. i miss u too, dear
roti: lol
dear: i m wet because of the rain..
roti: u didnt bring an umbrella..?
dear: didnt know it would rain..
roti: i bring an umbrella everyday
dear: don't want.. so aunty.. so not masculine..
roti: (...-_-) ish bring a retractable one la.. not the mary poppin's one
dear: i only have mary poppin's one.. many of them
roti: lol. ok.. sounds like u r more willing to be wet than carrying an umbrella
dear: if u r holding an umbrella for me, i will be more happy
roti: ish.. we are staying so far away from each other.. like 20 stations away..
dear: only 19..
roti: more or less the same la..
dear: bueeekkk
roti: ;P

i like sweet little lovers' quarrels like this.

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