Wait Patiently

Ever since I left the City back to my Town, I successfully ran away from the things that I do not want to make decisions on. But when things settled down a bit, when my mind has no other things to worry about, I become gatal again.

Settling in a small town, I thought it should be hard to meet PLU (or harder to find one), and I thought that would train myself to be used to being alone. But it appears not. The desire to meet a good guy occupies my mind whenever it has more 'free time' from other worries. So I try to look for peers. And then when I find any, I feel happy and want to meet them. And then hoping to meet the right guy blah blah blah.

And that's when I became so desperate and broke my own rules. I feel ashamed of myself for not able to keep a promise I made to myself.

But one thing about myself, I think I am too much of a perfectionist and want too many things in one guy. From outer to inner, there are so many things I look for, knowing clearly there's probably only 0.000001% to meet such a guy.

I think I was in too much rush looking for a good guy and that has caused me to break my own rules. I should really train my patience even if I'm desperate.

Lately I came across this song, not too new but the lyric is like talking to me. Both in a good or a sarcastic way. Title of the song: 慢慢等, which can mean wait patiently (the good way) or fat hope (the sarcastic way). Anyway I'm more inclined to the good meaning, so I've fallen in love with this song with its melody and lyric. The artist is William Wei (he's cute too).

And my mum has started to ask me when will I get a girlfriend lately...


  1. http://women.newezlife.info/articles/2010/1289190766.html
    一篇很有意思的文章, 是不是你的心声呢?

  2. wah that's quite true. i'm particular about the person i'm going to love, and i rather be alone than simply find anyone to fall in love with. but i do expect a lot from my right guy.