The Perfect Mate

Most people have their own image of the perfect mate in their minds. I thought I was a very 'visual' person, and that I expected a lot from the appearance of my mate.

It turns out appearance matters much less to me than I thought, when the feeling is 'right'.

My Dear is good looking, but he doesn't have that kind of pretty face that I imagine for my perfect mate.

And he does not have the body and built of my perfect mate.

He has a certain temper, which comes and goes at certain times, that I'm not fancy of.

I thought I would want my guy to have at least more or less the same level of language skills that I have. Dear definitely has no problem with Chinese but he speaks in English more broken than mine (somehow I had the impression that he could converse well in English when I first encountered him).

Despite the difference from what I would imagine my mate would be, I'm still deeply in love with him.

I'm can't tell for sure what is it in him that keeps me with him. Maybe that's chemistry? Or maybe it's simply love.

A feeling so strong that I've never felt before.

Dear also has never had feeling like this in his ex's. He thinks I'm just 'the right guy' he would be spending the rest of his life with. I do not have valid love experience to compare from but I have the feeling he's 'just right' too.

But love matters are really hard to tell, esp. when we are just starting and drawing conclusions like this at this time may be too early.

Please pray for us so that we will be together for a long time to come.

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  1. have a sweet and lovely moment always and forever...