While we are not even officially dating yet, I think I still need to have some kind of mental preparation for how things could turn out.

He's working in a city several hours away from mine. We are not really far away from each other but still, we don't live in the same city. I consider this a long distance relationship, because our main form of interaction is basically over phone calls or messages.

I'm not particularly confident about this kind of relationship, but a part of me wants to give it a try.

I'm also not really fancy of moving over to his city to work, but it is still possible for me to move there if I find this relationship is worthy of it. But I need to also consider other possibilities, e.g. what if I really can't move there?

From your experience, what are the things that need to be paid attention to when it comes to LDR? How to maintain a relationship like this (something that can be put into practice rather than 'trust')?


  1. ldr, if its not too far, you guys give and take la..

    why is that you have to move to his city? why cant he move here?

    have you thought about that?

    is this one sided? have you talk to him about it before?

    what is his aim? his goal? is he ready to settle down? what makes you so sure that he is the one?




    sometimes we dont really have the answers to all the questions in the world..

    we just follow out heart/brain...

    as long as you give out your best..

    dont regret whatever you will decision you make..

    just make sure youre happy doing it! :)

    life is short.. lalalalala....

    xoxo :)

  2. If you two have decided to go official as a couple in a serious relationship, then you should bring this matter up and discuss it with him and see if there's any way you two could make this work. Don't ever make any decision on your own because a relationship involves both parties and both sides must put effort to work things out.

  3. @tuls: Yeah it's probably a bit too early at this stage to decide on those. But I always want to have some kind of mental preparation on all possible ways things could turn out. Thanks.

    @Calvin: Yeah, I'll definitely bring the matter up to him when the time has come. For now I will just run through all the possibilities in my mind. Thanks for the advice.