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Accidental Missing

It was all fine.

Until I accidentally recalled it was his birthday.

A Playlist to Make You Cry

Crying is really a good way to vent out, especially when you're picking up the pieces from a breakup.

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How to Pick Up the Pieces from a Breakup

From my recent episodes, I'm picking up the pieces to move on. While I'm on it, I'm writing down how I'm doing it, just in case they are helpful for anyone in the future.

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The End of Episode 3

As much as I'm reluctant to, I have to admit this is the end of my third relationship.

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Being Attached and Then Detached

A lot has happened while I was away from this blog. I got into a dramatic relationship.

A and I were chatting well and all. It was all fine when we had dinner on our first meeting. It was only until the end of the date that we turned sour. After that, we'd never contacted each other for months.

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