Of Serendipity

For two people to fall in love with each other and be in a relationship needs a lot more than the chemistry between the two. Being able to meet and get to know a person is serendipity. If both have the feelings for each other, it's also serendipity. If everything is fine for the two to move on to a relationship, it's also serendipity. To me, every part of it is about serendipity or yuanfen or fate, or whatever you want to call it.

Let's say two people are fond of each other and both want to move into a relationship. But if one of them cannot spare sufficient time or effort to the relationship, I don't think it will work out, no matter how right they feel for each other. The time is not in favour of them, which for me, I will conclude it as there's not enough serendipity.

Likewise, if the two are willing to spare the time to ensure a relationship work out, but one of them doesn't have enough chemistry on the other, things are unlikely to work well too. We can't force a person to like us, and the same applies to the first case, too, we can't force a person to spare enough time or effort to build a relationship.

But for me, serendipity is pretty 'magical'. In the first case, the two may not have time for each other right now, but they may have it in the future. If both are single and still have the feelings for each other, then things may turn out well between them too. Likewise, in the second case, one of them may not have the feelings for the other right now, but he may have it in the future.

I have come to realise that there's no need to cling to a person to beg for his time or effort to build a relationship. If he's not free, it means he's either not keen enough to spare a bit more time or effort, or simply he's not ready in terms of time. In any case, there isn't enough serendipity between us. The best thing I can do for myself is only to move on, on my own.

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  1. *hugs* i miss johor....

  2. Just like everything happens for a reason and usually it happens for a good reason. Be positive and things will work its way :)

  3. @tuls: You're from Johor?

    @Da Closet Guy: Ok. =)

  4. Yeah..every little stuff impressively plays a part

  5. @two horns child: Indeed. And as we progress we start to find out even more little stuffs that play their parts.

  6. Oh yeah!! I KNOW WHAT YOU mean by that!!