Good or Bad?

I created an account in some gay social network sites with my real photo... I think I must be out of my mind. Anyway, the photo has been blurred out a bit, hopefully it is not obvious enough to catch my acquaintances' eyes.

Desperate to hear some advice and views, (or maybe also desperate for a good relationship) I wrote a bit of myself and what kind of people I would like to meet and get to know there.

Only within an hour or two, a guy sent me a message through the messaging system in the site, asking for my MSN. Although he's not the kind that I'm looking for, befriending over the internet should be fine, or so I thought.

Apparently when I added him in MSN, he doesn't know who I am when I didn't put on my profile photo. He doesn't even recognize my ID from the site. I suspect he just did a mass-messaging to many in the site to get some MSN contacts, and I'm one of them...

Then he asked me to start webcam with him... I rejected by saying my bandwidth is low (which is true, apart for my reluctance to 'talk' and to let people see my ungroomed look).

Then, he asked me to introduce myself, without first introduce himself first. I find him lack of sincerity in making friends with me.

So the first one who approached me is in this manner. That makes me wonder how likely will I get satisfactory result for what I want from using the sites...?

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