The Truth Told... as an Exception

It was only yesterday that I bumped into the girl I thought I love, after these years (probably one or two years). She has become more beautiful and dressed like an OL, despite she's only an intern.

I'm not sure what was in my mind. Today I text'ed to meet up with her. Despite the short 2-hour notice, she agreed to meet up.

I accompanied her to shop for office attire. Then, we bought some cookies that are nicely discounted when bought in pairs. After our dinner, I walked her to the bus stop and accompanied her to wait for the bus.

Nothing worth-mentioning happened. It was only some casual catch ups and silly chats.

Until I told her about my sexual preference in the bus stop.

She was kinda surprised. And if my deductions are right, she was hoping for further development between us. I kinda feel her disappointment knowing how much I have changed from straight (or actingly straight?) to gay.

'What a pity,' she complimented on how good I look (but not in a million years I can agree on that), and other things (which I can't recall already).

The main reason for me to be frank with her on this is that I do not want my confession to her in the past makes her think that there's room for development between us. I made the confession which can be misleading, so I must be responsible for it.

So that makes her the third person who knows my darkest secret.

Now I'm feeling kinda relieved for clearing up myself to her. I suppose now she won't get the wrong idea to put her hopes on the development between us.