What Really Heals A Broken Heart

Apparently the best healing potion for me is meeting someone new.

After almost three months of tumbling and crawling up and holding up with a wounded heart, I finally see some signs of myself really getting over A.

Time might have worked. But I'm running out of time.

I'm quite convinced that to get a good relationship, the only way is to be in relationships, not simultaneously, of course. But experience in handling a relationship really helps to make the following relationships better.

I'm glad that I could quickly make myself start looking again. And I'm lucky enough to meet someone that strikes a chord.

But of course, before I met him, there were several false positives.

I'm hopeful but not holding my breath for it (hopefully).


  1. my experience, time don't heal wound
    but healing process needs time

    you don't need someone new
    what you need is a new you
    with much clearer vision
    which may takes time