Falling Back

I'm missing A again.

I wonder if this happens to everyone.

I tried to meet other guys. I tried to see if I can find someone to fill the void. I thought I found one, but then I lost him again.

It was saddening.

After I got back up again, I started to miss A. Again.

It seems to me, A has brought me to a stage in a relationship no one else has ever brought me to before.

I kind of hate A. I hate him for not holding on to our relationship. I hate him for dumping me just like that. I hate him for not giving me a reason for his leaving. I hate him for not being there for me during my hardest time.

But I clearly know that the fundamental reason I hate him is that I still love him.

Sorry for being soppy again.

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  1. There's no need to be sorry about. Nobody said u need to move on after few months. Just take ur sweet time =) *hugs*