I'm having a bad feeling. I think my housemates might have already known that I'm gay.

My housemates and I have always been making fun of each other, but these few days they have been making fun of me with gay topics. The words they use on me sound like they know something.

I think I'm in trouble. What should I do? I'm not ready for this yet. *worried*


  1. just go with the flow... you can choose to deny altogether, u can choose to sit them down and say it all out loud and clear, or you can let the cat out of the bag slowly, little by little, dropping hints along the way :)

    either way, you should feel comfortable telling.. all the best!

  2. agree with takashi, jst be natural. If u feel u r not ready, jst deny everything, but make sure they dont catch ur foxy tail :P

  3. If I deny it altogether, what they would think of me when I finally out of the closet?

    Would it be okay if I don't deny nor admit? Not sure if it works.. but I don't feel comfortable lying or telling them I'm gay, at least for now..

  4. You don't have to tell them what you don't want them to know. You can play along with them. You can ask them point blank jokingly if they are gay when they poke fun on you next time. I think they will stop it then. Who cares what they think when you finally come out? It won't change what they think about gays anyway.

  5. @carpe diem, actually I care more on what they think of myself rather than gays as whole. I don't want to be seemed as someone who lies.. anyway, I think I'll try to point back the jokes to them, neither denying nor admitting.