some rantings on work

Well. Today I'm not going to talk about my gay life and thoughts. Instead, I would like to talk about my work.

My work is no good. Maybe I do not have enough experience in workplaces to know what is a good job. Or maybe I'm just too ambitious and idealistic.

To many, my work is good. The pay is slightly more than average (although lowest in the industry). I get to travel from time to time. Currently I get to travel domestically, and most probably will get the chance to travel overseas in a few years. The benefits provided by the company is good, although in exchange I have to comply to some of the seemingly ridiculous codes of conducts.

I want to work in technical field of my background, but ended up in a management work due to hardly avoidable circumstances. Doing management work means I have to deal with budgeting for the department, collecting training plans, keeping track of and giving out stationaries, sending documents to other departments, booking flight tickets and hotels for business trips etc. On the other hand, if I were to be in a technical job, I only need to have the know-hows on the technical side, and the most non-technical thing that I would have to do is only my claims and allowance. It really makes a difference to me when I'm so passionate with my technical skills and knowledge but I'm forced to work on a largely non-related job and not able to resign for a long time. I'm totally not good in doing management work as I've realized long ago since my uni days. I don't do well in managing clubs and events - to certain extends, I don't even manage myself well. God knows why the hell my employer insists on taking someone who is not good in managing to do management work.

The pay I get now is higher than working in my technical field. But it doesn't make sense to me to earn more money in exchange of doing what I don't want to do. I would rather get a lower pay doing something slightly more of my interest where I'm more skillful and confident in.

It is so sad for a 21-y.o. young chap like me to graduate so early. I feel like I haven't enjoyed my teen life enough before my working life. I know well of the good old Chinese saying "吃得苦中苦,方为人上人", which means a person who can endure the most suffering sufferings will become the best person among the people. But I think I'm more of a hedonist and I'm not that ambitious to be the best person. ;P

Okay, enough ranting. Tomorrow is another working day. =S


  1. That would mean you could save enough money and then go into retirement ealier than most people. Then you'll still be youthful enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour. :)

  2. @Little Dove, yup, people always say that, and I'm well aware of that. =)

    But if the reason to continue work is to get retirement early to enjoy life, why not get a job that I can enjoy my life straight away...

    I remember I have heard of this story before:

    There was a fisherman lying at a riverside while waiting for a fish to get on his rod. A rich man passed by and asked, 'Why are you so laid back? Everyone is working hard on fish net and fish boats to earn the living while you're relaxing here and only waiting for fish to get stuck on your fish rod?'
    The fisherman asked the rich man, 'Why should I work hard?'
    'So that you can earn a lot of money,' the rich man replied.
    'Why should I earn a lot of money?'
    'So that you can retire early.'
    'Why should I retire early?'
    'So that you can lie at the riverside and enjoy your life when you're old.'
    'Am I not lying at the riverside and enjoying my life now?'
    And the rich man was speechless.

    I find the story makes sense in some ways, too.

  3. Look at the brighter side. I know you do not like this area of work. However it will make you a better all rounder. You would be more versatile and have more skills. It will be good for us to have additional skills. This will help us later in our working life. Maybe the Company and people there sucks. It will teach us patience, people handling and soft skills.

  4. @carpe diem, Yup, that's the only good point I can forcefully relate to make the fact taste less bitter.