I think I have forgotten how to be happy.

I have not felt happy for such a long time. The last time was before my graduation when I had a crazy hang out with my uni mates. We did lots of crazy things that day. I laughed a lot that day. Laughed because it was really funny. Laughed because I was really happy. I spoke like me. I laughed like me. I did crazy stuffs like me. I felt I was me again after so long.

I tried to do the same during recent hang out, but it feels so different. It felt like I was forcing myself to be happy. My laughter wasn't that natural. It didn't feel that happy has the one before.

I have lost the feeling to be happy for so long again.


  1. wat abt masturbation? do u feel happy when u do that? haha~ jst joking :P

    come on la~ cheer up~ human change... u r jst in a stage of adapting to the working life~ once u get used to it... everything will be fine

  2. not sure how to describe this.. masturbation gives pleasure and satisfaction.. but it's only for an instance.. the happiness level drops to zero again after cooling down.. my way of looking at feeling happy is more on the feeling towards life...

  3. @L² anyway, thanks for replying me even on this kind of stupid posts..

  4. I agree with you. Sometimes you feel that your life has reached to a point where everything is so routine, so cold, so rigid..It makes one kinda depressed & forgot how to enjoy life as it used to be. Please take care & try to see life in a lighter side.

  5. @simonlover, yah, definitely have to see life from a better perspective.. at times when I slow down my pace and look back, I would realize that this kind of issues on life. It sounds gloomy but it is a necessary check-and-balance process for me. Even though I can't be happy as I once used to be, at least I know I had been that happy before, and that I'm still looking for the same happiness.