I'm sorry, this is another work-related post.


FYI, I just joined my current company few months ago. My probation period was supposed to end in February, after I have submitted my log of assignments and approved by my uppers. I was forced into my current job, when I have not much interest in what I'm doing (instead, I have more interest in what I WAS doing before I get this job).

This few weeks have been hectic. Another colleague (slightly more senior than me) is away for a business trip. I had to do what was supposed to be done by two persons, which results in me neglecting my assignments log which was supposed to due last week.

I have to admit I'm bad in multitasking and time-management and prioritizing tasks and anything along the lines. This morning I finally submitted my assignment log to let my direct supervisor see. He doesn't seem to care much about it, as he didn't glance a bit on it. And I have no time to care about him checking my log or not, as I have other administrative work prior to my business trip tomorrow that is urgent and no one would do it if not me.

After my bosses have left the office. I finally settled down with my work, and realized that I haven't reminded my direct boss on my log.

So, I decided to send an SMS to my direct boss. That's where it starts all the WTFs.

My second level boss got to know about the news that I'm not confirmed until now. He sent an SMS to me blaming and questioning me why am I late in my confirmation, telling me that no one would be able to help if I don't take care of my own career, and that I should complete my log quickly and cancel my business trip if necessary.

Obviously he didn't know the whole story, except the part that I haven't submitted my approved log to HR.

WTF! I have completed my log and submitted for my direct boss's verification this morning. I felt the need to explain myself on this. So I replied on it, and nothing else on his questioning.

He replied why now, and said that he doesn't want to hear excuses. He also told me to make sure HR get it on time, and that I'm old enough to know what's important and what's urgent.

WTFF!! I was only explaining the part that he misunderstood, and I did not make excuses for the part that I'm in fault. Not to mention about the part where my direct boss is in fault - he has been chit-chatting and doing non-work related stuffs so much for today but which part of the log has he read? WTFFF!!! And how dare he complains to the big boss that I do not care about my career etc. when he saw I have not rested for a minute for the past 2 weeks?! WTFFFF!!!!

WTFFFFF!!!!! And I'm indeed very confused with what's important and what's urgent because:
- my direct boss told me I should complete the log at my own time because it is for my personal benefit.
- my direct boss told me to do something urgent, but when I completed it and let him see, he decided to leave it for tomorrow.
- my direct boss and big boss have been pushing me into completing the prior work for the coming business trip this morning itself. Little do I know my personal assignment log would be more important than this fixed and set trip.


AND, I didn't choose the job on my own will, and I have clearly stated to them during the interview that I'm interested in technical job, i.e. not the current job, and that my expertise has always been on the other side, but they insist of taking me in! Of course I would care less about this job than anyone else! What else do you expect when you force me to join you?! WTFFFFFFF!!!!!!! I thought they should be grateful enough when someone who is not interested in this job at all still work with responsibility and volunteer working extra hours when everyone is trying to escape! WTFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!! My extra hours spent has been taken for granted and not appreciated and when I don't work the extra hours due to that, my direct boss told the big boss that I don't prioritize my work. WTFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!

I hate all of you. I wish I don't have to face you fake people! I wish not to hear your time consuming lectures when what is more important is to fix the wrongdoings in time. WTFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! I don't know how all of you cunning and untruthful creatures think and am not interested in thinking your ways.

I'm clearly bursting all the non-related things altogether because I'm indeed very furious now for being scolded unreasonably.

You can scold me on me being late in my submission, but not scolding me for giving excuse when I was not, and not scolding me for not caring about this job when I took care to complete the log, and not scolding me for not knowing what's important and what's urgent when you're the ones who confuse me this morning itself.

I wish I do not need to face you to hear your lectures! But I'm very very sure I'm going to have to hear it the day after tomorrow when I see them again. WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!


  1. bosses are always like tat... they dun fucking care whether u already have a hectic job... they still ask u to rush for their shit... and in the end u cant finish ur own job, u will another shit of scold from them~

    welcome to the cruelty of corporate world!!!

  2. @L², exactly! And I don't think this world suits me.. I'm not strong enough emotionally to stand the cruelty... I seriously have no idea how the corporate world operates, and when I get to know part of it, I have no idea why does it operate this way... Many things doesn't make sense to me... I think my way of thinking is really not suited in the corporate world.

  3. 2 options: - either u quickly adapt to this or find a better one which suits u... but bear in mind, everywhere is the same... unless in ur own company...

  4. @L², one thing kinda funny to me is that whenever something undesirable to me happens at my workplace, the longest I get emotionally disturbed is 24 hours. I work as usual on the next day or the day after, but the frequencies of disgruntlement is high. Is that a sign of me adapting quickly or totally not in the right place?

  5. hmm~ the thing u r not happy about, is it the same thing? or different thing?

  6. @L², actually I'm not sure.. I feel like the underlying problem that causes the incidents that I'm not happy with is the environment that is so not right in my opinion..

  7. Leave... join my company hahahaa..

  8. @Takashi, where's your company? lol.. anyway, I can't leave this company.. I have a contract..

  9. if u have a contract, then jst bear with it... till ur contract ends~

  10. yah.. i should wait until it ends.. or save enough money to end it.. sigh.. other than live with it, I can do anything else. X_X

  11. What contract do you have? There is always an exit clause in the contract. Unless you are bonded because you took a loan or scholarship. Your boss is really unreasonable. I am sure you are not the only one that is feeling that way. The office culture sucks. What type of job or what industry are you in? All the best buddy.

  12. Well I'm well aware about the exit clause in my contract.. it is a big burden for me and I was too inexperienced when I signed the contract. Anyway, I believe I can get through it, although I may need some time and patience. =)