Job Hopping

This has been in mind my for some time. Like last time, I want this intention to be tested just to confirm it is real.

As of now, I think it is.

The reasons I left the relatively good-paying corporate job were the feeling of being treated unfairly, corporate practice that contradicts to my personal principles. Even my former lecturer advised me to quit the job. But the most important reasons are my pride for my technical knowledge and skills, and my ambition and dream that are never mentioned here.

And so is taking up my current job. My main objective is to gain more time for my personal projects which in my opinion, will help me in realising my ambition.

It has been more than eight months I'm on this job. Unfortunately I don't see much progress on my personal endeavour—at least the progress is not proportionate to the amount of time that has passed. Worse, I feel I have been taking more time to catch my work, making even less time for my personal endeavour.

This is not right. It feels to me if I continue with this job, I will not be able to achieve my ambition.

So I think it's time to change again. In my mind now, I have another job that will probably give me more time for my personal projects.

But it's crazy. My friends and family will probably drop their jaws if I take up that job. I shall just let the idea to cool down in my mind first for more reality check.

If I ever quit my current job and take up another one, that would be my fourth job within three years. That doesn't sound like something my mum can be proud of to tell our relatives about.

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