X bites X, Y eats Y.

(work rants)

I wanted to put the title as 'Dog bites dog. Black eats black.' But it sounds racist. But the black here doesn't mean the black people. It's actually literally translated common Chinese saying.

I saw it happened this afternoon.

One of the things that I hate in corporate world is that people use their power and influence to make you do things in their ways. I have seen that a lot in my dept head, and this is the feature that I despise and disrespect him the most. You may say I'm naive, but I believe the best leaders are those who use their virtues to make others submit to them (Chinese: 以德服人).

Anyway, what happened today is that, my dept head was done that same thing he has done on many others. Looking at how it happened actually thrills me a little (although I was scolded by someone on an instruction from my dept head). I think that's his retribution for doing the same.

I'm not going to disclose the details - it won't be interesting anyway. But I really like the fact that my dept head has got the same treatment he has given to others. Muahaha~ (Okay, I don't dare to laugh like that in front of him)

In any case, I still look forward for the day that I can leave this hell. I'll consider today as a motivation to fight for my exit.

Whatever you do, you can lie others, you can lie yourself, but you can't lie the heaven. You're always watched, so make fair judgment, and do whatever that is right. =)

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