i don't like u

i don't like u =(

u spreaded lies and false rumours. just because u suspect me, doesn't mean u should spread lies to test me. =(

to some extent, i think i hate u! =(

have u thought of the consequences, of your way of proving? if i'm not, i might lose a good friend, and u might lose two. if i'm, i probably will still lose a friend and you still will probably lose two. what good will it bring u even ur suspicion is proven? does it even affect ur life?

tmd. knn. kns. ccb.

u selfish turds. as ur so-called 'friend', i find my greatest value to u is the entertainment value being in ur evil gossips and idle talking, and probably the 'face' that u gain when u r able to get the first hand info that no one else knows.

i will endure. and i will definitely plan to flee as far away from u as possible. and if i can gain back my guts before i leave, i will definitely fight back. wait and see. i'm no tom, dick or harry when i get mad. while i might not be able to escape from the hell u made me into, i definitely still have enough strength to bring u down together.

*cracking knuckles*

*more vulgar words*....


  1. there's a lot of bastards like this... try to avoid them~ or punch their nose perhaps

  2. @L kor kor, 'punch their nose' is more like something in ur wishlist guar~`