Dear sir

Make the step now! If they won't let you transfer, then quit and go
elsewhere. I know your current job tends to be more stable, but I think
mental stability is more important. ;-)

Dear sir,

While you are absolutely right about the importance of mental stability, it's easier to say than do. Where can I get enough funding to quit...


I think I'm really someone who lacks of patience. I don't like having to endure and wait for the time to come. In most things, I can do something else first as an alternative, or I skip the wait altogether and afterwards, fix the mess caused by skipping the wait. But in this case, I really don't see in what other ways I can go about it.

A friend commented on my brows. They never stop frowning for a second, even when I'm laughing.

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  1. haha, then spend your time wanking in the toilet :P