someone who turned me gay is straight

An old friend wished me happy birthday in Fb. He's as cheerful as I know him before. After so long having no contact with him, his birthday wish triggered my memories.

The time when I started to realize my attraction to guys (despite denial of being gay) was when he first groped me in a class. I felt a little excited, except when he told other classmates that he was groping me, I felt a little uneasy. Even so, I realized that I actually enjoyed being groped by him.

Some time later, he tried to kiss me on my lips in school, openly, in front of our friends. I know I wanted to be kissed, but I don't want to appear I like it in front of my other friends. So I gently rejected but was still hoping that he forced his kiss on me. LOL. It never came true though.

After that incident, he never did anything on me anymore.

But I strongly believe that his actions 'activated' my gay sense, triggered the rest of my story thereafter.

Over these years, I have heard stories of him with other girls. I believe someone like him most probably won't have any problems getting a girlfriend, even shortly after breaking up with another.

I checked his Fb profile, hoping for something different. He's single now, but he's interested in women.

Ironically, a straight turned me into gay.


  1. oh.... hmmm~ .... (speechless)

  2. LOL. what an irony. but then again, if you're already gay in the first place, you don't need anyone to turn you gay. you'll be one sooner or later. :D

  3. @Clayden, lol maybe the word 'turn' is not appropriate. he made me realized i'm gay..

  4. What if you were touched or kissed by a girl? LOL