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Imagine you woke up with your eyes still sleepy. You literally dragged yourself to the toilet to do business. And you step on a puddle of water on the toilet floor. At first you didn't feel anything wrong, but suddenly you realized that the puddle of water didn't look like water. You had another look at it, it looked a little yellowish. You were shocked. You couldn't believe what you had stepped on, and you stupidly wiped your feet with your index finger and slowly put it near your nose just to confirm it, and it was confirmed. You had just stepped on a puddle of pee.

How's that? It happened to me this morning. Eww!

I know one of my housemates is not so hygienic. He never picked up a broom to clean his room, not to mention the whole house. That doesn't matter anymore since the room is his, and our housemates do take care of the cleaniness of the house. He drops hair a lot, and the strings of hair curl on the bathroom and toilet floor and sludge sticks on the hair in a matter of several days right after the last cleaning. That's not that okay, but I know not everyone is willing to clean the bathroom and toilet and no one can control his hair drop. But wtf, peeing on the floor?! You might as well live in a kennel! Holyshit!

I know you might not have completely waken up when you peed and wasn't able to aim properly. But after you've done, at least wash it away with water, from the most convenient rubber tube beside. What is so hard about it?? My goodness!

I can literally count so many of his bad living habits that I have never seen in a single person before for my entire life! He doesn't turn off the fan and/or lights when he's not using it, sometimes he even leaves the fan on the whole day while he's working. He lets the tap water flow at its fastest speed while taking his own sweet time shaving. He doesn't lock the house door after coming in. ...and so on. Anyway, all of those does not piss me off as much as his piss on the floor!

My goodness, I'm living with someone who is more unhygienic than my dog.

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