ah I'm so fake. I thought I wouldn't go but eventually I went.

Anyway, I think 老天 wanted me to go. It was last night that I realized I needed to settle something in the office. Kebetulan the gathering is so near to my office. And since I was nearby already, it doesn't make sense not even to drop by and say hi, at least for courtesy.

I said hi and I shook their hands. But I don't feel as much animosity this time. Maybe they are good in hiding it and putting on fake smiles, or maybe they really don't hold any grudge against me anymore. I'll believe it's the latter (as usual, I'll look at the better side of humanity). Actually I don't feel I put on a fake smile - I think my smile was real.

Let unhappy things begone. =)

I learned another good step of my life. Fate has decided to let me learn.

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