meeting up old colleagues

Went for a dinner and catchup with my old colleagues. I worked with them for only 2 months. But I feel my service and my talent are so much more appreciated there. They are a bunch of casual, easygoing, straightforward guys that appreciate good talents. I feel I can achieve so much with them, unlike so little that I can accomplish with my current job.

My ex-boss bought us all dinner, one that is so much more expensive as compared to my normal meals. Contemporary western dishes. I skipped the appetizer, went straight to the soup and main course, and then skipped the dessert. Only two dishes with another glass of drink, the price for my portion of this meal is more or less enough for my normal 3-meals-a-day for 1 week. OMG I've never had such luxurious western food before. It tastes so good (probably partly due to the price =P).

My ex-boss also bought me a book. They know I have been having a tough time with my current job. They are sympathetic and they do feel the waste for my skills being much underutilized and not appreciated. So they bought a book about work for me, to motivate me. My colleagues left some meaningful words for me in the book. Indeed, upon reading their words, I'm touched. They are where I can still feel my value in this world, I can only feel I'm still a useful person when with them. I'm very touched.

Although I'm tired and sleepy, I still opened up my computer because I want to take this feeling down in this blog.

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