the clueless

One of the reasons of me hating my job is (another babbling on work), having to work with everyone in department who is not industrial savvy but thinks they are.

This is especially true when I attend some industrial updates event with them. I can get the idea the speakers are trying to convey very fast, but not for the rest. They always ask 'stupid' questions (which make me really feel like rolling my eyes). Okay, I'll bear with that, because everyone has the right to know, although they could have taken some initiatives to get more industrial updates in their personal time, so that they don't appear that ignorant. But the worse part is that sometimes they ask for the sake of asking, just to make an appeal to the bosses, even though the questions are totally unrelated - a good sign that they are totally clueless. I myself feel so embarrassed in front of the speakers and audience for being with people who ask such questions.

They asked me why do I keep quiet and not asking questions during these meetings. So far I only smile as the response. But the real answer is that I can understand the topics well, there's no point for asking silly questions.

I take pride with the industrial knowledge I hold, and with my constant initiatives and perseverance on getting myself updated on the industry. But living with these people really sucks. I don't know how they got into their positions, because a part of the the role of my department is to drive the company with our industrial knowledge. But just because of a degree or work experience from 20 years ago don't justify the constantly changing industry.

I will and must leave this place someday. I am not going to waste my knowledge on this field (which is my interest) in this place where it cannot be utilized.

Hmph! My resignation shall let you rot in Paleolithic age!

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  1. haha~ u cant resign due to ur contract la~ :P